Saturday, February 1, 2020

Creative With Stamps

February 1st brings a new challenge from Creative With Stamps.
and this month our Challenge is "Red". 

It's Valentines Day💓in February, so this should be an easy challenge, eh? 😉 

Hope you will join us this month and enter up to three of your cards.  Please stop by HERE to check out the cards my talented teammates created and leave them some love then join in the fun to win some great prizes.

My Card: 

Click on photo for more details


  1. Always loved the candy heart valentine sayings when I wwas a kid. Your design is quite nostalgic!

  2. This is wonderful, love your hearts with words on and the glittery one. A beautiful card.
    Faith x

  3. Great card. I love the truck and the candy hearts in the back!

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