Monday, August 25, 2014



I thought when I was buying supplies for the SAF challenges, that I surely had a piece of velvet and I knew I had one of those Sealing Wax Sticks from, well almost when the Renaissance era was in style. But, alas, I couldn't find either the wax nor the velvet (unless I cut up a dress that was hanging in my closet from that fashion time).  So I'm totally improvising here because I just couldn't bring myself to NOT post a card to Nichole Heady's beautiful segment.

Click on photo for more details

The medallion was fussy cut out from a 'Specialty Pattern'  piece of  paper I've had in my stash from a local Craft store that is long gone.  It has a look of fabric to me and some Royal designs on it.  The Sentiment is from PTI's Spiral Bouquet stamps and is embossed with the finest gold money can buy ;-)

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  1. Fourteen Carrot gold! : ) heehee

    Truly Helen, your card is stunning! I love it! : ) That medallion is just beautiful and I especially love the colors you used!