Thursday, June 16, 2016


Hey there Blogland Friends,

Just popping in here to let you all know the reason I have not been around to post or visit.

On a planned yearly Birthday-Destination trip with three of my friends (we all share a June birthday), I fell and injured my right arm ~ I did this on the first day (Fri 6/3) upon arrival at the resort in Cancun, we were booked to stay until Thurs 6/9.  There are some very high curbs from the walkways at this place, not realizing that and being my first time there, I was not looking down while walking.  We were on our way to see our accommodations and my left foot went off one of  these high curbs---the right foot stayed on the walkway.  I lost my balance and hit the pavement hard~very hard!   I was not quite sure how much damage I had done to my upper arm, but the sharp pain of trying to move it away from my side was clearly an indication, I did something bad and needed to have ex-rays taken.  :-o  

I stayed there  Friday night, hoping I would feel better in the morning.  On Saturday, the arm didn't feel any worse, but I still couldn't move it away from my side and continued to wear the sling the EMT at the hotel gave me when I fell. Through the day, a black and blue was spreading from my shoulder to my elbow. The concern that I had broken a bone was becoming more evident.  I checked out flights for Sunday morning to get me back to FL.  Thankfully, I was able to arrange for a friend to pick me up at the airport and drive me directly to the ER of my local hospital.   Thankfully there were no other patients waiting and I was taken right away.  The ex-rays showed a fracture of the Humerus (yeah, not so funny!) bone up by the shoulder socket. I was fortunate enough to get an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday and he said the only thing I could do was keep the arm stationary, then follow up with him in three wks for another ex-ray...he will then prescribe the next course of action.

The absolute WORST part of this is that I cannot drive myself and hate to bother my wonderful friends for rides everywhere :-( 
I am managing to do just about everything with my left hand and getting pretty darn good at it, however, everything takes three times as long to do it!

I'm having severe withdrawal symptoms from not posting and making cards, so maybe I will attempt stamping with my left hand.  :-) 

Sorry for this not-so-brief explanation!  

Hope to see you soon~
Hugs,  Helen


  1. I hope you get well soon, Helen! Yes, it takes forever to do things with the left hand... it's so frustrating! But I'm sure everything will turn out fine :)
    Sending comforting hugs

  2. Oh Helen! I'm so so sorry!! Your vacation was spoiled too dreadful! : (

    Feel better soon friend! and when is your birthday?? Mine is in June as well. June 4th maybe we share the same birthdate : )

    Can you send me your snail mail addy I wanna send you a card : )

    Patti at neck styles dot com (no spaces)


  3. Oh gosh, so sorry that this has happened to you. My mum fell and did a similar thing on holiday in Austria. They strapped her arm across her chest which was a nightmare as it was so hot over there and it was over a week before she was well enough to travel back to the UK. The ortho here said that the strapping was an old school treatment, but the bones were knitting together well enough not to need an op. Not wishing to scare you but she had physio and had restricted movement, struggling to lift her elbow to head height, it took a long time. But functionally she was able to go back to work after 4 months and after about 18 months had regained full movement. Wishing you a much speedier recovery and hope you can get back to some light crafting soon. Hugs, Cara X PS if you send me your snail mail either by replying to this email comment and f you can or the contact form in my blog I'd love to send you a card to cheer you up x