Sunday, October 29, 2017

MIM #301


Matting With Glitter


Lizzie is up on MIM this week and shows us how to easily add glitter mats to our projects.  You can watch her video HERE.   This is the perfect challenge to begin creating holiday cards and projects if you are like me and haven't really started yet! 

 Well, I made a card, but I cannot tell you how many things are wrong with this one! Several of which I will re-do/fix before sending this out...cause you know I can't just trash my cards :-{

To begin with, my Photo Editing program is not working~which is the reason for the terrible photo. Then there is the 'shadow' stamping on the sentiment; the watercoloring waving up the card stock; cutting the panel too much on one side... And, don't get me started on the glitter EVERYWHERE in my craft-room and on me!

Click on photo for more details


  1. Well...that delicious blue glitter is simply perfect with your sailboats! Cheers.

    1. Thanks, Mel. Love that sea blue shade of glitter too :)

  2. Helen, your card is lovely...Those sail boats look like they are having a good time on the waves.

  3. It looks lovely despite all your problems getting it to your blog x