Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I wanted to show the couple of little changes I made on these two cards. I am always tweaking my cards that get posted cause I am in a hurry to post them and NOT usually happy with what they look like :o)  

Can you see what is different? Check out my original post HERE 

  This one has some changes too.  See my original post HERE

 I am so impressed with myself ~ being able to figure out this "link" thingy on my Blog it is such an accomplishment for me ... you have no idea how lost I am around anything technical  :-o 
I can almost hear my DH's exasperating sighs when he tried to  explain techy things to me.


  1. Woot woot on the linkies:). I'm no techie either so I always celebrate techie miracles:)

    Both of your cards are wonderful...subtle changes from the inspiration cards.

  2. Ah, Helen! I love how blogging keeps my mind so very active - always am learning things. I love both the befores and afters on your cards. I am trying hard to learn CAS, so I try not to over-fuss, but I do wake up at night thinking how I can improve a card (sick?). It is a joy to visit here!

  3. Way to go on the links! I looked at both sets of cards and like the changes you made! I do the same thing all the time as I am usually limited on time when making cards or interrupted by my sweet little Tim needing his Mommy! Then I look with fresh eyes later and think - oh - I should have done this or that! My cards are probably just fine as they were but sometimes those fresh looks I take yield something that I think is a bit more pleasing to my eye in the end! :)