Monday, August 26, 2013

SAF 2013 -The End

Stamp -a -faire 2013 

Well I didn't think my craft room could get any messier than Saturday evening...but, I was wrong!
This is what it looked like at midnight Sunday :)

Important note:
I had the best time creating lots of cards that will be sent in the coming months.
Thank you, Nicole and Design Team ~ you all are such a creative force of inspiration!!


  1. Hi Helen! How fun to see your crafting space. I have to tell you it does not look that messy to me. Mine looks like a tornado hit my room after just one card.

  2. Helen my craft room is a disaster right now too! I like to think of that as a really good thing because it means that I had time to create which is not always the case! :)

  3. That must mean you were having lots of fun creating terrific designs.

    Regards diane