Sunday, July 24, 2016

SAF-Floral Impressionism


For this SAF Challenge Melissa Phillips creates an amazing card with an impressionistic look.  You can choose to re-create Melissa's exact project (yeah, right ... if you are Claude Monet!) 
or try your hand at creating your own design using the same concepts.  

I believe I broke my own personal record of time spent on a card with this one and seriously thought several times during the 4 hours (:-o  that I should go to the next challenge and come back to this one.  I wish the end result looked like it took that long, but I learned a lot of trick to cut the time for the next time I try this beautiful technique.  
Click on photo for more details


  1. Absolutely stunning! Love the flowers and beautiful colors. You so nailed it!

  2. I thought it took a loooong time to do this challenge too Helen, but I sure had fun doing it! And it looks like you must have too as your card turned out just beautifully! Melissa would be proud!! :0)

  3. Stunning card, it was worth the hours! Think my record is 6 hours and a temper tantrum! Cara x