Thursday, July 5, 2018

MIM #327


For this week’s MIM, Betsy Veldman is showing us an easy way of creating “watercolor” backgrounds with a pretty ombre effect.
You can see her ALWAYS beautiful card creations and video HERE.

My Card:  
Click on photo for more details ~ like the glitter paper I used for the sentiment.  
I sure hope you all are not sick of seeing my "Palm Prints" stamps~
I can't stop using them. 😄  
But, don't I do that with all my stamp sets?  Funny thing is, I have all these new sets for such a long time before inking them up, then it seems they just don't leave the top of my craft desk!
My Song Birds are just about worn down to their flat back side!  Am I right, Marcia?  LOL


  1. I am not sick of seeing those Palm Prints my friend, and especially when they produce a card that looks as FABULOUS as this one!! Love how you used a couple different colors too really pops!! And as far as Song Birds goes, I love that you've gotten your money's worth and with it being such a classic set, you just can't go wrong anytime you use it! It's still one of my all time favorites too and I always LOVE seeing what you do with it Helen!! :0)

  2. This is beautiful with the Palm Prints, Helen! My new stamps sit untouched for months on end too until I finally ink them up (as was the case for this week's card). Anyway, I love the classic and timeless stamps that can be used for any and every occasion. Beautifully done!

  3. What a pretty choice of colors! I seem to always get stuck using the same stamp set too, but at least we're using it! lol

  4. What a beautiful and vibrant card, Helen, using that color trio! Perhaps I need to buy Palm Prints but i still don’t own Songbirds. Too long of a wishlist I guess.